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Black to Blonde? Is this for you

A Guide For Black To Blonde Transformations

Hearing a new client say she recently used black box dye is a cringe-worthy statement on its own, but then she says the one thing that keeps stylists up at night: “I want to go blonde!” Cue the heavy sigh. It’s the ultimate transformation that requires lots of time, money and patience, and many hairdressers question if they’re pricing and timing each session appropriately. Put the questioning to rest with this helpful diagram from Hai Tran that breaks it all down!


It all depends on location and experience level but guide lays out the lifting process, the time each session will require AND an average price per hour for each session.

black to blonde chart.jpg



The Reason Behind The Guide

Most clients don’t realize that going from black to blonde can’t happen in one session, so Hai found himself repeating the same consultation over and over. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, picking out shades from a color book and using a lift finder, Hai decided to create this universal diagram to condense those 30-minute consultations.


“This chart benefits not only stylists as a guide but also for clients to have a better visual for understanding the process of haircolor lifting,” says Hai.





What Do Clients Say?

“What I love the most is that now when I send this chart to a new potential client, I either get ‘Ohhh, I didn’t know it was that much work. I might have to rethink this,’ or ‘I think I’m at a golden-yellow now, and I’m ready to take it a step further,’” shares Hai.

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